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fairtrade bowl & spoon set: siris wood

    fairtrade bowl & spoon set: siris wood

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      Siris trees are known as the tree of happiness. The bark and berries have been used in traditional medicine to treat both depression and stress.


      The wood has a rich and deep dark brown tone. Siris wood is a tough and durable timber. Being difficult to work, highly skilled artisans are needed to produce our bowl and spoon set.


      Our wooden items are produced in collaboration with a fair trade artisan organisation based in india. Helping to provide income for communities and ensures traditional artisan skills are passed down to the next generation.


      We recommend using our wooden bowl and spoon set for preparing our range of face masks. Preparing your face masks with wooden utensils prevents the clay oxidising and losing its beneficial properties. It will also return to the earth if disposed of.


      Siris Wood (Albizia)


      Bowl width 10cm x height 6cm approx.

      Spoon length 15cm approx.


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