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salts: no.18 / cedarwood, petitgrain

    salts: no.18 / cedarwood, petitgrain

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      Cedarwood has a soothing and uplifting scent as it clears the air and aids focus.


      Himalayan Sea Salt (sodium chloride)

      Epsom Salts (magnesium sulphate)

      Dead Sea Salts (sodium chloride)

      Carbo Carbonis (charcoal)

      Sodium Bicarbonate

      Essential Oils – Cedarwood & Petitgrain. 


      Add to hot running water for a cleansing and soothing bathing experience. Or can also be placed at the base of a shower for an enlightening and refreshing experience. Salt improves hydration and helps to draw toxins from the skin. Charcoal gently exfoliates the skin and re balances excess oils.




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