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salts: no.23 / pine, tea tree
  • salts: no.23 / pine, tea tree

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    • Description

      Pine has antioxidant properties, and a mesmerising essence ensuring a positive & sweet aroma.


      Himalayan Sea Salt (sodium chloride)

      Epsom Salts (magnesium sulphate)

      Dead Sea Salts (sodium chloride)

      Camellia Sinensis (tea)

      Kelp (seaweed)

      Sodium Bicarbonate

      Essential Oils – Pine and Tea Tree


      Add bath salts to hot running water for a cleansing & soothing bathing experience. They can also be placed at the base of a shower for an enlightening & refreshing experience. Salt improves hydration & helps to draw toxins from the skin. Tea is a wonderful antioxidant, the caffeine helps to improve skin tone.




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