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scrub: no.44 / grapefruit, sandalwood


scrub: no.44 / grapefruit, sandalwood

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  • Description

    Grapefruit has gentle antiseptic properties and an energizing, crisp & zesty scent that can help to lift the spirit. 


    Almond Oil (prunus amygdalus)

    Cocnut Oil (cocos nucifera)

    Sugar (sucrose)

    Clay (phyllosilicates)

    Dried Lavender Flowers (lavendula angustifolia) 

    Essential Oils – Grapefruit & Sandalwood. 


    While bathing in a hot bath or shower massage the scrub into the skin, allowing the oils to penetrate, then wash off. Coconut oil absorbs quickly & is highly nourishing & soothing, leaving the skin silky smooth. Sugar is the perfect exfoliant & also hydrates by drawing moisture to the skin. Clay stimulates circulation & draws toxins & impurities from the skin.



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